The world is full of explanations,
but in a nutshell,
it is the one and only.
There is a very good hot spring.

Nakanosawa-Numajiri Onsen is located between Mt. Bandai and the west foot of Mt.
We welcome travelers from 16 secluded inns and several shops.
The first impression may be "nothing".
Certainly, it is a place that can not be said.
But there is silence, there is clear air that can be healthy just by breathing,
There are activities that snuggle up to nature.
Above all, there is a hot spring that can only be found here.
Has been prized as a medicinal bath Sulfur spring with high acidity.
13,400 liters per minute.
It boasts the highest natural spring volume in Japan for a single mouth.
All 15 hotels are filled with hot spring water from the source.
There is an inn that preserves the Showa era,
There is a meeting member inn that protects the secret hot spring,
There is a hotel type lodge.
It is also recommended to experience the neo-towel treatment while moving the inn.



"Nakanosawa / Numajiri Onsen" is a rare spring in the world. Foreign customers have come to visit and we have created an English version of the video.

Onsen and Forest Therapy in Inawashiro

Hot spring

An 80-degree spring at 1,250 meters above sea level. We follow the road without a path and reach each inn evenly by hot water.

Food and sake from Inawashiro, Fukushima

Local edition

Aizu where rich water flows from the mountains. Introducing the appeal of rice and sake.


NEO Toji is a well-known hot spring that springs from around 1,250m above sea level.

The discovery of Nakanosawa and Numajiri Onsen dates back to the Bunroku years, about 380 years ago. It was started at the foot of Adachi Tara Mountain as a spa. The source is Numajiri Motoyu, which springs from the crater of Mt. The amount of spring is the best in Japan as a single source. A survey by the Aizu Insurance Office in 2009 found that 13,400 liters of water was flowing out per minute. The spring quality is a well-balanced sulfur wire containing sodium as a warming ingredient and metasilicic acid that works for moisturizing. pH 1.7-2.1. Although it is an acidic hot water like lemon, it is rubbed in a long pipe and reaches each inn, so the skin is like silk. Some days are colorless and transparent, some days are cloudy, and some days are greenish. Please enjoy the real pleasure of "This is a natural hot spring!" Indications include gastrointestinal illness, cold, joint pain and diabetes. Since there are no people in the spa town with diabetes, a detailed investigation by experts has begun.


Hot spring bath × forest bath synergy. A stay where both body and mind are washed.

Nakanosawa, Numajiri and the two hot spring towns are less than 3km away. Both are located in a good location, surrounded by three hundred famous mountains, Mt. Adachi, Mt. Bandai, and Mt. Nishi-Azuma. If you want to walk hard, go to the mountain trail. If you want to walk a little, go to Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls. It is a 10-minute drive from Nakanosawa Onsen, 15 minutes from Numajiri Onsen, and a 10-minute walk. The surrounding area is a treasure trove of native beech forest. Fudoson is enshrined at Takimoto, and the contrast between the gorgeous Otaki Falls flowing along the rock surface and the graceful Onna Falls is wonderful. Freezing can be seen in winter.


Please come to relax slowly.

Nakanosawa / Numajiri Onsen Access to area
Approx. 30 minutes by Aizu bus from Inawashiro Station on the JR Banetsu West Line via Koriyama Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen
About 15km from Banetsu Expressway 'Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC'


Please enjoy wonderful trips including scenic spot tours and activities in addition to hot springs.